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My daughter started bee keeping as a project for her high school Agriculture program class. When she went to college and moved away leaving me with the Bee Hives, it became my hobby. That was like 14 years aga. I’ve had as many as 5 hives at one time. Keeping them alive and happy has been a hobby rather than a real business.

My real business is selling electric fans to major retailers across the country. Which is what brings us here. Helping bees vent heat and humidity has long been of interest to me. Using recent technology, we have found a simple way to have an adjustable thermostat / hydrostat that can turn a fan on and off. I believe the bees are pretty good at what they do, but they can use some assistance from time to time. Excessive heat and humidity cause many problems in a hive. And we would all rather have the bees out making honey rather than needing the troops to stay at home regulating the climate in the hive.

There are many solutions available, most of with are way too complicated and very expensive. We view our product as one that will help the bees and provide payback in a year or less. Depending on your location, perhaps in just a matter of months. Thanks for stopping by and please look through the information we have collected here.

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We developed this high quality product to help control the high humidity in bee hives that cause so many problems. Problems like molds, insects and diseases are made worse by high humidity. Controlling temperatures can also increase honey yields by freeing up bees from activities like bearding and allow them to forage for nectar and pollen. 

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