Adjustible Bee Hive Temperature and Humidity Control With a Solar Exhaust Fan.

Adjustible Bee Hive Temperature and Humidity Control With a Solar Exhaust Fan.

Adjustible Bee Hive Temperature and Humidity Control With a Solar Exhaust Fan.
Beehive Fan:
Beehive fan
Bee Hive Fan

Product Includes:

  1. 25 watt monocrystalline solar panel 
  2. Select quality pine frame, painted 
  3. IP68 dual ball bearing brushless fan
  4. 10 amp solar controller/ battery charger 
  5. Temperature and humidity thermostat, adjustable. 
  6. Outside air cold air shut off thermostat, adjustable 
  7. Wind and rain flap
  8. 16awg silicone copper tinned battery wire with F2 terminals
  9. Made in the USA of domestic pine, plywood, Virgin PVC, copper wire and foreign parts. The circuit boards are made in Taiwan or China

The Adjustable Beehive Temperature and Humidity Control with a Solar Exhaust Fan is a simple easy to use device that is designed to help bees maintain the desired temperature and humidity range for a healthy strong beehive. This product allows beekeepers to regulate the temperature and humidity levels within their hives, which can have a significant impact on the health and productivity of their bees.

One of the key features of this product is the high-quality solar exhaust fan, which is designed to efficiently exhaust the high/temperature and/or high humidity air within the hive and help maintain desired range of temperature and humidity. The fan operates using solar energy, which makes it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The adjustable temperature and humidity settings of the product allows beekeepers to customize the temperature and humidity levels to suit the specific needs or seasons for their bees.

At 122 degrees bees generally die, at 80% humidity evaporative cooling no longer works. Bees cool the hive primarily through evaporative cooling, where they bring water into the hive, spread it around and use their wings to evaporate the water causing it to cool the surface it is on. As the humidity rises it becomes more difficult to evaporate the water until at 80% it no longer works.  Helping remove hot air and high humidity will help your bees be healthier and more productive.

Again, this product is designed to help the bees during high temperatures or humidity, not take over. On a sunny day the fan will exhaust the air in as little as a few minutes. On a cloudy day typically 5 or so minutes. If it is raining, it’s unlikely the fan will operate until the sun comes back out. But always the fan will shut off if the off threshold is reached. We initially set the thermostat to come on at: 90 (32.2 C) degrees and shut off at 87 (30.5 C) degrees. And the humidity settings are: on at 60% off at 57%. Please note that the temperature is only in Celsius.

The temperature and humidity control feature of this product can be especially beneficial during extreme weather conditions. In hot weather, the hive can become too warm, which can cause stress and even death for the bees. On the other hand, in cold weather, the hive can still become too humid, which can also have negative effects on the bees' health. With this product, beekeepers can help bees remain in the target temperature and humidity ranges to be problem free and healthy in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Overall, the Adjustable Beehive Temperature and Humidity Control with a Solar Exhaust Fan is a valuable tool for beekeepers who are dedicated to maintaining healthy hives, enriching the productivity and survival of their bees. The combination of temperature and humidity control with solar-powered ventilation makes it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for beekeepers of all levels.

Beehive Fan:
Beehive fan
Bee Hive Fan

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We developed this high quality product to help control the high humidity in bee hives that cause so many problems. Problems like molds, insects and diseases are made worse by high humidity. Controlling temperatures can also increase honey yields by freeing up bees from activities like bearding and allow them to forage for nectar and pollen. 

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